• Goals, Mission & Vision

We take the requests and concerns of our customers seriously, treating them confidentially (with care and attention), doing our utmost to provide the optimum support and solutions, wherever possible. As we strive to be your partner of choice for the development of ideas, concepts and challenging electronic products (and systems), we aim to offer customers a real competitive advantage with creative solutions and exceptional service, based on our in-depth knowledge of advanced electronics and a healthy commitment to quality.

Our Quality

All of our processes are in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 (including MDD, AIMD), with the design processes also being in accordance with the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP).

Our flexible and adaptable quality system ensures the appropriate project specific quality levels from the very first design step, all the way through to the production of commercial, industrial, medical and space projects. Consistent quality documentation throughout the duration of the project including risk analysis, management and technical documentation for CE approval are of course included. Traceability of HW/SW components and systems, SW version control, release management and supplier audits can (on request) be included in the project requirements.

  • Quality


2021 Recertification according to ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016
(valid until 14th September 2024)

IQNET Certificate ISO9001   |  SQS Certificate ISO9001
IQNET Certificate ISO13485  |  SQS Certificate ISO13485

2018 Recertification according to ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016
2015 Recertification according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012
2012 Recertification according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003
2009 Recertification according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003
2006 TI Low Power RF Third Party Network Member
2006 Recertification according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003
2003 First Certification according to ISO 13485:2000
(for Medical Devices and Active Medical Implants)
2003 First certification according to ISO 9001:2000


2004 European «IST» Prize – 2004
European Information Society Prize 2004 for the development of an Advanced care & alert portable tele-medical MONitor «AMON»
2002 ITG Innovation Prize 2001
Information Technology Society Prize awarded by the Swiss Electrotechnical Association (SEA) for the article:
High Density Packaging – Der schnelle Weg zur Miniaturisierung von Elektronik
2001 Award for Excellence: Outstanding Paper
from the scientific journal “Microelectronics International” for the
IEEE – Assessing the Cost Effectiveness of Integrated Passives
1998 «Technologiestandort Schweiz»
for the world’s smallest Pentium® MCM

Our Team

Management and Board of Directors

<span style="font-size: small;">Rolf Schmid</span>

Rolf Schmid

Chief Executive Officer, CEO (DE, EN)

“Leading the company brings new challenges every day. Learning by doing is key within Art of Technology and we all undergo continuous training on the job. Although we are all consistently challenged on a daily basis, it is refreshing to see how employee loyalty and engagement flourish in an open and honest working environment.”

<span style="font-size: small;">Ljubomir Vlajnic</span>

Ljubomir Vlajnic

Chief Operations Officer, COO (DE, EN)

"It’s a great joy and exceptional motivation to work with brilliant, creative colleagues in fascinating hi-tech projects... a real art of technology!"

<span style="font-size: small;">Dr. Etienne Hirt</span>

Dr. Etienne Hirt

Chief Quality Officer, CQO (DE, EN, FR)

"I enjoy being able as part of a super team to fulfill customers needs."

<span style="font-size: small;">Dr. Thomas Gillen</span>

Dr. Thomas Gillen

Chief Infrastructure Officer, CIO (DE, EN)

"Even after many years I’m still fascinated by the wide range of tasks and the constant challenges that our customers bring to us. Our carefully prepared and highly motivated team are able to overcome not only difficult problems but also those that at first seem to be impossible."

<span style="font-size: small;">Damian Henzi</span>

Damian Henzi

Chairman of the Board

"Art of Technology is a creative think tank, highly professional and talented, the service provider for extraordinary tasks. A raw diamond, that’s worth the investment of my precious free time to help ensure its continued growth and development."

Sales and Marketing

<span style="font-size: small;">Paul Sphikas</span>

Paul Sphikas

Sales & Marketing Manager (DE, EN)

"I’m fascinated by the breadth and depth of the technical knowledge and expertise of my colleagues, which coupled together with a genuine down to earth approach to business, provides a unique and very powerful foundation for creativity and innovation. Working closely in such an environment inspires everyone to exceed even their own hopes and expectations."


<span style="font-size: small;">Birgit Sözer</span>

Birgit Sözer

Administration Manager (DE, EN)

"At the time Art of Technology asked me to come back, I had actually decided not to return to work yet as my daughter was still very young. However, as it was Art of Technology I didn’t have to think for long before saying yes. As a company, Art of Technology is flexible, dynamic, innovative and all employees are accepted (including any rough edges). The team is straightforward and there is a pleasant atmosphere in the company."

Research and Development

<span style="font-size: small;">Stefan Hedinger</span>

Stefan Hedinger

HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"Due to the diverse projects there are new challenges every day that have to be overcome. In doing so, I can expand my knowledge and learn new things over and over again. This makes the work varied and interesting."

<span style="font-size: small;">Felix Heimgartner</span>

Felix Heimgartner

Electronic Technician (DE, EN)

"I like the huge variety of projects which ranges from research studies to space projects and that we have a very capable team working on these diverse and demanding tasks."

<span style="font-size: small;">Stephan Leuch</span>

Stephan Leuch

Junior HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"I enjoy working at AoT because together with a motivated and competent team, I can tackle exciting challenges, while learning new skills every day."

<span style="font-size: small;">Dr. Kaspar Leuenberger</span>

Dr. Kaspar Leuenberger

Senior HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN, FR)

"I like the broad range of tasks at Art of Technology and the development of innovative technologies. It is satisfying to realise our customers’ projects in this cooperative team."

<span style="font-size: small;">Thomas Peter</span>

Thomas Peter

HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"In this team of experienced Techies the opportunity to learn something new every day, is a major motivation for me to work at Art of Technology. The highly complex projects, especially in medical and space, are exciting and require a lot of creativity and persistence. Art of Technology is constantly facing new challenges from our diverse customers, which offers a very satisfactory working experience. I find the degree of compliance with the ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 standards at Art of Technology astounding. Our certification enables us to bring designs to market that really have a healthy impact on society."

<span style="font-size: small;">Klaus Ruzicka</span>

Klaus Ruzicka

Senior HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"I appreciate the wide range of tasks from (technical) contact with customers on hardware and software system design to practical realisation as part of a motivated and technically excellent team. That’s why I decided to join Art of Technology and several years later, I must say that it was absolutely the right decision."

<span style="font-size: small;">Thomas Schwinghammer</span>

Thomas Schwinghammer

HW/SW Engineer (DE, EN)

"I like working in a well-balanced team and the varied and high quality work. A broad spectrum of projects involving hardware, software, new and special technologies as well the miniaturisation of electronic systems and research projects continually brings new challenges."



alfapump® – Intelligent Implantable Fluid Pump

“Art of Technology understood our needs and critical requirements right from our very first meeting. I was impressed with their broad know-how of electronics technologies, system design and specifically for our application, their expertise with the design of medical products. They shared our sense of urgency and were able to meet our aggressive timeline with a product redesign that exceeded our expectations.”


Alarm and Medical Monitor «AMON»

The «AMON» consotium was awarded the European IST-Prize 2004 for the design, implementation and testing of a wrist-worn device, communication link and comprehensive medical centre software package and for “… excellence in converting results from information society technologies research to innovative products for the market place.”

DBS Switch

DBS-Antenna Switch

“Art of Technology demonstrated to us the application of HDP/MCM technologies with a prototype. HDP/MCM enables the construction of a new multi-switch without the need for a new ASIC redesign. This means a major time and cost saving, which is very important in these times of high competition. We were also very impressed with Art of Technology’s proven problem solving abilities. Their people are highly motivated and successfully achieved their planned objectives, which was done outstandingly.”


Emergency Monitoring & Prevention «EMERGE»

“The project «EMERGE» is one of the first AAL projects to be launched. It has reached its aim of providing a ‘proof of concept’ of non-obtrusive sensoring in the home environment and model based ‘intelligence’ as the method of adding information and knowledge-value to raw data. The innovative concepts, technical solutions, knowledge base built in activity monitoring, evaluation-methodology employed and the AAL-laboratory have all shown the great potential of solutions that could reach the – at the moment – non existing market of AAL-ICT-based products and services within a time period shorter than the typical 6-8 years of FP projects. The EMERGE project is a major contribution to the aim of developing AAL-technology for the benefit of the citizen, the European competitiveness, and for addressing needs of the ‘ageing society’. The project is therefore given the overall rating of: Good to excellent progress (the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period and has even exceeded expectations).”

Europractice MCM - Pentium

EUROPRACTICE – MCM (European FP4 Project)

“The EUROPRACTICE – MCM Module has shown the advantages of HDP/MCM technologies in a highly impressive way. The size of the Pentium® MCM could be reduced by factor 4 without reducing the interface. Awarded with the «Technologiestandort Schweiz» prize, the module was used as a reference within the EU Project EUROPRACTICE – MCM and served as the basis for DigitalLogic’s design of the world’s smallest and most silent industrial computer. This project was the foundation stone for the founding of Art of Technology with its founders working intensively on this project.”

NETLANDER - SEISmometer Electronics

NETLANDER: Space Technology Study

“Art of Technology was able, with a feasibility study, to demonstrate the use of HDP/MCM technologies for an aerospace project. Detailed analysis showed that HDP/MCM enables drastic reduction of the construction volume of the necessary electronics, and a drop in power input to one third. Art of Technology also proved themselves highly qualified in dealing with subjects like the harsh environmental conditions, and presented outstanding solution proposals. We are very impressed with Art of Technology’s proven ability to resolve problems. They were highly motivated and reached all the set objectives. We hope, in further development phases, once again to make use of Art of Technology’s know-how.”



“Art of Technology demonstrated competence and efficiency in adapting and expanding the functionality of the prototype logger. I appreciated very much the communication and the co-operation style characterising this company, and I am looking forward to realise other projects.”

PermaSense - Summit

PermaSense – Sensor Network in the Swiss Alps

“Working together with Art of Technology has been a success and true pleasure. The professionalism, flexibility and quality standards pursued by AoT make them an optimal partner, even for demanding research projects. The superior function and accuracy of the finished product surpasses even our keenest expectations.”

Poken - Group

POKEN – Electronic Business Card

“Art of Technology has demonstrated with excellence their vast experience in the optimization and miniaturization of electronics. Their skills have given Poken’s technology real-world usability. Providing world-class electronic and software design support to the Poken team has been instrumental to making our vision a reality.”

Our History


Art of Technology is committed to its employees, the communities in which they live and the philosophy that our future success depends on the talented people we hire today. Our culture supports diversity and encourages intellectual curiosity, creativity and openness in an environment where innovation, leadership and integrity are rewarded.

At the forefront of Technology
As a technology leader, we are able to offer more opportunities for challenge and career growth, and strive to develop, reward and retain our best employees. Are you up to the Challenge? We are always looking for creative people who:

  • are looking for a challenging job
  • are comfortable working with a dedicated team of engineers
  • want to develop customer specific electronics in hard- and software
  • want to apply and expand your know-how and technical flair in a flexible and inspiring environment.