National Future Day 2018

Event against the shortage of skilled workers

Hundreds of companies, organisations, universities and colleges all over Switzerland opened their doors on the Swiss national Day of the Future. Girls and boys from grade 5 to grade 7 are invited to accompany people at their work or to take part in exciting special projects. At Art of Technology we show that tinkering with electronics can be exciting by building a game-box based on the Raspberry Pi3 computer, which is used at schools and universities for teaching purposes in Switzerland, allowing children and students to live out their creativity.

As part of the Swiss National Day 2018 five girls and two boys learned about the profession of electrical engineer in the context of the Swiss Future Day 2018. After a short introduction about Art of Technology, a “customer project” was carried out under the expert guidance of Daniel Schwab and Klaus Ruzicka. The children built their own computer for tinkering, developing and playing games, a platform based on a Raspberri Pi and an Arduino with which they can playfully learn the programming of both boards (developed by Daniel Schwab). The wooden parts for the case were glued together and the electronics was wired.

At the end of a really successful day, first experiences in programming the Arduino were made.