Asset Surveillance and Protection «ASAP»

Customer: European Commission, 5th Framework Project (FP5)

The objective of the «ASAP» project was to introduce a new concept for an affordable, accurate and user-friendly asset surveillance and protection system in Europe. The scientific and technical challenge was to research, develop and evaluate a designated wireless, info-mobility system that includes end units, system infrastructure and inter-connection databases.

«ASAP» provides a comprehensive smart tracking and protection system by integrating data with existing information databases of the transport operators; enabling the user to track, locate and monitor in real time, all types of freight, including hazardous materials, as they are transported across Europe. Capable of monitoring the state of the freight online, the end unit includes sensors for various applications, such as temperature for freezer containers, gas sensors for bromide transporters and sensors for the surveillance of container doors. Sensors provide valuable add-on information on freight status and can communicate critical situations quickly and efficiently to emergency forces, helping to reduce risk and subsequently insurance premiums, e.g. in case of a leak from a hazardous material, or other problems, the «ASAP» system will notify the transportation company, operating company and if required, the relevant environmental authorities.

Omnipresent and seamless access can be made available to customers, transportation operators, insurance companies and other involved parties, with location and status information accessible to both the mobile user and via the Internet.

Our Contribution

  • unobtrusive installable IP65-proof housing
  • sensors & their interface to the communication unit