Ethernet-Diode EDM

Ethernet Diode

Customer: Armasuisse (Swiss Federal Defence Procurement)

The Ethernet Diode, designed and manufactured by Art of Technology, is a unidirectional network link that permits the transfer of File Data and Hierarchy Structure in one direction only, while preventing all communication protocols.

Ethernet-Diode System Overview

The unidirectional data link you can rely on

Even malicious software cannot (under any circumstances) circumvent the unidirectional link. This guarantees the security of the data being transferred and protects the system that must be secured against attack from public networks while publishing information to them. Two independent server nodes combined with an Ethernet Diode Module (EDM), the heart of the system, ensure the unidirectional behaviour which is provided by a real physical separation. The Ethernet Diode application, which runs on both nodes, handles the entire replication process and ensures reliable transfer and data integrity with each Node being independently, fully accessible from its own network.

For ease of use, service and special configurations, the EDM can be easily mounted into a 3.5′ drive-bay which provides two USB connections and power via a modified SATA connector, or if preferred it can be connected externally via Ethernet or High-Speed USB.