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GPS Tracker

Customer: Armasuisse (Swiss Federal Defence Procurement)

A small lightweight GPS / GSM device for quasi real time surveillance and tracking of teams during military manoeuvres, used by referees during the “Swiss Raid Commando”, one of the most enduring and most important international military competitions worldwide for trained military personnel, who want to measure their level of skills in a “Commando” type exercise.

In 2007, 143 international teams competed in patrols of 4 raiders with at least one member being either an officer or a non-commissioned officer (NCO). Solid infantry training, excellent physical condition, analytical and above-average judgment skills are essential for success. The GPS receiver system periodically records and communicates positional data via a GPRS based data-link, to a visualisation control centre with the data being displayed graphically in Google Earth.

FeaturesOur Contribution
  • GPS data recorded to non-volatile memory
  • read out via USB
  • long battery run time
  • integrated emergency phone
  • robust design for outdoor usage
  • complete system including antenna, battery & charger
  • power management system for long battery run-time
  • SMD design for small volume production
  • use of standard header connector for production testing (avoiding need for expensive adaptors)
  • development and production in less than 4 months from project start
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