• Industrialisation


from prototype to volume production

We assume responsibility for organising the production of prototypes using (wherever possible) the same manufacturer for the volume production to reduce learning curves, build confidence and quality levels, allowing feedback from the prototype manufacturer, any enhancements or cost reduction opportunities (identified during testing) to be incorporated into a re-design of the device during the industrialisation process to achieve the “best-fit” for mass production. Together with our network of mechanical engineers, designers and manufacturers we can provide single piece, small, medium and large volume solutions. In summary, we manage the entire volume production and delivery of the devices (or assemblies) directly to you, in accordance with your requirements.

Key Elements of our industrialisation process

  • design for manufacturing (consideration of design guidelines for pcb assembly)
  • production concept (means of production, production processes, sequence optimisation)
  • process qualification (process FMEA, risk management)
  • design for cost (registration, component & supplier selection)
  • design for test (consideration of design guidelines for testing and test concept)
  • design for quality (process validation, product qualification)
  • pilot series production (traceability, normative requirements, document management)