Lenz - Snoring In Bed

Intelligent Anti-Snoring System

Customer: Earsonic GmbH

Throat muscles keep the throat open when we are awake, so that air can flow smoothly during breathing. During sleep, the area at the back of the throat sometimes narrows as these muscles relax and airflow turbulence can cause the tissues of roof of the mouth (soft palate) and the throat to vibrate, which in turn may cause the sounds of snoring. The Lenz is a patented anti-snoring aid that has been digitised and miniaturised especially for use in the ear. This high-tech device responds to your snoring with a gentle beep… you change your sleeping position and stop snoring, without waking or side effects. The Lenz is comfortable to wear and virtually invisible allowing you – and your partner – to sleep peacefully and undisturbed.

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Typical causes of snoring
  • overeating, lack of exercise
  • alcohol, smoking, sleeping pills
  • allergies, nasal congestion
  • small or narrowed nostrils
  • sleeping position
  • breathing through mouth
  • tongue vibration

Our Contribution

  • development of functional principles and algorithms
  • design and development of prototypes (HW and SW)
  • re-design of software on the OEM device
  • develop production tests and extensive testing
  • verification and validation of the device
  • support with CE approval
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