Netlander - Deployed

NETLANDER in deployed configuration

Seismometer Electronics

Customer: Contraves Space AG

The NETLANDER mission planned to send a network of four identical landers to the surface of Mars to perform simultaneous measurements in order to study the internal structure of Mars, its sub-surface and its atmosphere. To fulfil the mission objectives with respect to the interior, subsurface, atmosphere and ionosphere investigation of MARS, each the 4 landers was to carry a payload composed of nine instruments. The Seismometer Electronics «SEIS-EL» control the legs of the measurement sphere, the internal seismic instruments and a variety of sensors.

Netlander - Sphere Broadband Seismometers

NETLANDER Sphere with
2 Very Broadband SEISmomoters

Netlander - SEISmometer Electronics

(Engineering Model)

Our Contribution

With a mass of the surface modules limited to 22kg, of which only 5.2kg was allowed for scientific instruments, the ultimate goal was to estimate possible mass / volume reductions (and cost) and to provide a recommendation for the most suitable approach and technology. Art of Technology conducted a System Analysis, Feasibility Study and Technology Evaluation of the main and auxiliary controllers and motor drive electronics, including:

  • SEIS Main Controller Electronics (SEIS-MC)
  • SEIS Acquisition Controller (SEIS-AC)
  • critical properties review
  • evaluation of High Density Packaging technologies
  • identifying IC (ASIC) technology for implementing (digital) circuits
  • review miniaturisation potential and component availability
  • identify achievable mass volume and power for FM circuits
  • analysis of development and qualification costs for FM models