Panono - Hand

Throwable Ball Camera – PANONO

Customer: PANONO GmbH

Capture more than just a picture with the Panono Camera and discover a whole new experience. Throw your Panono up in the air… what it brings back down will absolutely amaze you. An accelerometer inside the camera measures the launch acceleration to calculate when the camera is at its highest point. At this point, 36 cameras are triggered simultaneously and the moment is captured – everything in every direction – into a high resolution, omni-directional, completely spherical panoramic image.

Panono - System Overview

Our Contribution

Design and development services as well as comprehensive support from concept to market introduction, including:

  • design study & system analysis
  • hardware design & development
  • design & development of micro-controller software
  • design & development of embedded Linux software
  • prototype development
  • industrialisation
Panono - Evolution