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POKEN® – the electronic business card

Customer: Poken SA

Ever wished you could expand your social network with a wave of the hand, or view a timeline of people you’ve added to your network? Collect and exchange digital content off-line; POKEN® utilises Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to digitally exchange your contact details, or collect digital content that’s stored in special stickers called “tags” by just touching them. POKEN® makes networking simple and creates an engaging experience for people to collect promotional literature at events.

  • Touch it: digitally exchange contact details with other people, collect digital information offline (e.g. PDFs, presentations, brochures, videos, demos, animation, links).

  • Get it: connect your Poken® to the USB port on your computer, create an account on the memberHUB and synchronise your device to have access to all documents and contact details collected.

  • Share it: collect your contacts and digital files on a timeline, download them to Outlook, Salesforce, or another format. Keep your profile updated wit your social networks and share yor experience with others.

Poken - Inside

Our Contribution

A number of technical challenges had to be overcome in order to design, develop and manufacture a small, battery operated, wireless device for secure communication over very short distances, i.e.

  • low operating voltage & power consumption
  • USB support on a small device (limited number of processors with full speed USB)
  • MSD on-the-fly content generation
  • compatibility with PC Mass Storage Device (MSD) specifications
  • strong encryption algorithm used with small embedded processor
  • software development with customer
  • components selected for low price, high volume and quick delivery
  • standard SMD design using relaxed component size and pitch to simplify production
  • test concept developed for high volume production
  • single design for fast prototype production and small production volumes which could also be used for large volumes to avoid the need for a re-design