Qbic - Computer

Q-Belt Integrated Computer «QBIC»

Customer: ETH Zurich (IfE)

Designed to be comfortable to wear without compromising reliability «QBIC» is not just a wearable computer, it also serves a classic function… keeping your trousers up! Heart of the «QBIC» is a Intel Xscale CPU (Intel PXA263B1C400) which runs at a variable speed up to 400 MHz. The belt contains a battery, real-time clock and system bus extension for peripherals. Moreover the belt provides plugs for USB and serial devices (RS-232), VGA connector and power connector which can be used to attach to a mains supply, or an additional belt-attachable battery.

The buckle, which can be removed from the belt and slotted onto a developer board (for convenient programming), contains two circuit boards:

  • a main board with the CPU, SDRAM and power supply, and
  • an extension board with the Bluetooth device, USB controllers and an MMC card slot
Qbic - Transparent
Qbic - Size Comparison


Qbic - Architecture
  • CPU XScale (Intel PXA263B1C400)
    – 400 MHz (scalable), 32 MB internal Flash
    – Dynamic Core Voltage Regulation
  • Memory
    – 256 MB SDRAM
    – MMC card slot (up to 2GB Flash)
  • Ports
    – USB (2 Host, 1 Client-optional)
    – 2 x RS-232C Serial Ports
    – VGA output (640×480)
    – GPIO-Pins
  • Bluetooth
  • Low Power RF Transceiver
  • 10 hour run-time (with external battery)
  • Hot-plug battery exchange
  • Small Size


«QBIC» is a fully-fledged computer integrated into an everyday accessory – a belt !

Designed to Wear

Although originally developed as a research platform to collect and process sensory data for medical monitoring and context recognition projects, QBIC can be used for a variety of applications, e.g.

Typical ApplicationsProjects and groups using QBIC
  • monitoring medical parameters of critical patients
    (24 hours a day)
  • acquisition & analysis of data on user movement
    (for rehabilitation)
  • collection and analysis of user movement
    (for dance projects)
  • recognition & monitoring of daily activities
  • monitoring user actions in work processes
  • computer for reality games
  • location tracking
  • travel guide for tourists and travelers
  • Embedded Systems Lab
    University Passau, Germany
  • Fighting cardio-vascular diseases
    My Heart
  • Skoda car production
  • gespag hospital management
  • WearLab
    TZI, University Bremen, Germany