Secure USB-Stick

Secure USB Stick

Customer: Armasuisse (Swiss Federal Defence Procurement)

The Secure USB Stick is an intelligent mass storage device for the secure storage of confidential information. The data is stored on an encrypted partition and symmetrically encrypted by means of a data key, which itself is further protected by a public / private key pair stored on a Smart Card.

Everything you need

All programs necessary for the use of the Secure USB Stick are stored on the Stick itself and can be run directly without installation. No special drivers are necessary, only support for a mass storage device (e.g. USB stick, hard drives etc.) which is included in Windows XP, its successors and Linux. The entire security relevant software is provided in source code, allowing the user (initiating company) to adapt the encryption and decryption software to their own requirements giving full control over the key management.


  • encryption occurs on the stick itself
  • smart card and password required
  • no special drivers required
  • same UNIX and Windows User Interface
  • full access and control of encryption software
  • user programmable (according to requirements and infrastructure)