• Sensor Development

Sensor Development

In addition to the development and adaptation of sensors we have, in collaboration with our customers who often bring in-depth knowledge of the application and specific medical expertise, developed electronics required for the sensors (e.g. EEG logger, strain gauge, temperature) and created algorithms for the measurement data which are then integrated into a complete sensor or measurement system, e.g.

  • multi-sensor system to detect helplessness (monitor people at risk)
  • non-invasive measurement of blood pressure, glucose, pulse (on the wrist)
  • development of sensors to detect or measure trace gases, moisture, pressure (e.g. medical implants)
  • research and development of biomedical sensors and measurement methods for physiological parameters (e.g. pulse, blood pressure) and other vital health parameters
  • development of new sensor techniques including extensive testing and clinical trials (e.g. non-invasive glucose measurements), followed by refinements and adjustments of methods until qualification and certification achieved