Support for Universities

Educational institutes are sometimes unable to manufacture research-specific electronic systems, as the documentation needed may be fragmented or incomplete, especially if the person responsible has left the university. This can be further compounded when the focus of the institute is not electronics, as the system may be limited to a quick build without a clear, traceable, reproducible system design. In such situations, we can re-design the electronics to industrial standards; the result being a design that can be manufactured in volumes from a few pieces to a few hundred for the institute itself, or indeed to sell to other institutes or research organisations.

Research Projects, Semester of Thesis Work

We are happy to assist universities that need an industrial partner (in the area of electronic design and development) to support research projects, semester or thesis work with

  • hardware design using industrially available components
  • layout of industrially manufacturable prints
  • optimisation of assembly processes
  • improve or create documentation