WZU - Electrricity Meter

Electricity Meter Selector Switch

Customer: SIPA Verteilanlagen AG

The meter selector-switch for washing-machines consists of two components, the control unit installed in the power distributor and the card reader, which is mounted next to the washing facilities. The meter selector-switch is operated by individual key-cards assigned to each tenant.

  • WZU Contactless System

    The controller is installed at the power distributor and provides the switching between meters. When a washing machine is activated by a card reader, the meter is switched to the counter of the correct apartment, charging the account of the respective user.

  • Card reader

    The card reader is the interface to the user. An intuitive design allows easy operation: simply put the card into the card reader and remove it when the wash cycle is finished.

  • Keycard

    The keycard cannot be manipulated or copied, preventing use of the system by unauthorised people. It can also be easily blocked and replaced, if lost or stolen.

WZU - Steuergerät
WZU - Card Reader