Data Security

Cryptography is a core element of security systems, protecting the data to be transmitted and ensuring the integrity of the data transferred and the systems involved. Careful design, skillful task distribution and the use of cryptographic methods and protocols provide an acceptable level of protection and compatibility with established and standards, for even the smallest of systems. We offer support for the design, adaptation and implementation of cryptographic algorithms specifically for small embedded systems with micro-controllers and systems connected to embedded systems.

Ethernet-Diode EDM

Ethernet Diode

Customer: Armasuisse (Swiss Federal Defence Procurement)

The Ethernet Diode, designed and manufactured by Art of Technology, is a unidirectional network link that permits the transfer of File Data and Hierarchy Structure in one direction only, while preventing all communication protocols.

Ethernet-Diode System Overview

The unidirectional data link you can rely on

Even malicious software cannot (under any circumstances) circumvent the unidirectional link. This guarantees the security of the data being transferred and protects the system that must be secured against attack from public networks while publishing information to them. Two independent server nodes combined with an Ethernet Diode Module (EDM), the heart of the system, ensure the unidirectional behaviour which is provided by a real physical separation. The Ethernet Diode application, which runs on both nodes, handles the entire replication process and ensures reliable transfer and data integrity with each Node being independently, fully accessible from its own network.

For ease of use, service and special configurations, the EDM can be easily mounted into a 3.5′ drive-bay which provides two USB connections and power via a modified SATA connector, or if preferred it can be connected externally via Ethernet or High-Speed USB.

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Poken - Group

POKEN® – the electronic business card

Customer: Poken SA

Ever wished you could expand your social network with a wave of the hand, or view a timeline of people you’ve added to your network? Collect and exchange digital content off-line; POKEN® utilises Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to digitally exchange your contact details, or collect digital content that’s stored in special stickers called “tags” by just touching them. POKEN® makes networking simple and creates an engaging experience for people to collect promotional literature at events.

  • Touch it: digitally exchange contact details with other people, collect digital information offline (e.g. PDFs, presentations, brochures, videos, demos, animation, links).

  • Get it: connect your Poken® to the USB port on your computer, create an account on the memberHUB and synchronise your device to have access to all documents and contact details collected.

  • Share it: collect your contacts and digital files on a timeline, download them to Outlook, Salesforce, or another format. Keep your profile updated wit your social networks and share yor experience with others.

Poken - Inside

Our Contribution

A number of technical challenges had to be overcome in order to design, develop and manufacture a small, battery operated, wireless device for secure communication over very short distances, i.e.

  • low operating voltage & power consumption
  • USB support on a small device (limited number of processors with full speed USB)
  • MSD on-the-fly content generation
  • compatibility with PC Mass Storage Device (MSD) specifications
  • strong encryption algorithm used with small embedded processor
  • software development with customer
  • components selected for low price, high volume and quick delivery
  • standard SMD design using relaxed component size and pitch to simplify production
  • test concept developed for high volume production
  • single design for fast prototype production and small production volumes which could also be used for large volumes to avoid the need for a re-design
Secure USB-Stick

Secure USB Stick

Customer: Armasuisse (Swiss Federal Defence Procurement)

The Secure USB Stick is an intelligent mass storage device for the secure storage of confidential information. The data is stored on an encrypted partition and symmetrically encrypted by means of a data key, which itself is further protected by a public / private key pair stored on a Smart Card.

Everything you need

All programs necessary for the use of the Secure USB Stick are stored on the Stick itself and can be run directly without installation. No special drivers are necessary, only support for a mass storage device (e.g. USB stick, hard drives etc.) which is included in Windows XP, its successors and Linux. The entire security relevant software is provided in source code, allowing the user (initiating company) to adapt the encryption and decryption software to their own requirements giving full control over the key management.


  • encryption occurs on the stick itself
  • smart card and password required
  • no special drivers required
  • same UNIX and Windows User Interface
  • full access and control of encryption software
  • user programmable (according to requirements and infrastructure)