Optical Systems

3D-MID Camera System

3D-MID Camera System

Customer: under NDA

Art of Technology was responsible for the evaluation of materials, technologies and manufacturing processes as well as the design and development of a highly integrated multi-sensor array (6 x 2) imaging system with an extremely large view angle on a curved substrate.

Our Contribution

Phase IPhase II
  • System analysis & concept study
  • Technology study & packaging options
  • Definition of packaging form
  • Selection of assembly technology
  • Production of technology demonstrator
  • Reliability testing
  • Design & develop technology demonstrator
  • Optical path design
  • Image processing & viewer
  • Definition of FPGA programming requirements
  • Production support & test of technology demonstrator
  • Reliability testing
  • System demonstration


Optical Reader

Customer: Aquametro AG

Aquareader® is an optical read-out module for water meters, that on request automatically reads identification number, nominal diameter, fluid and the current meter reading via M-BUS or CS interface. The device configures itself automatically within 30 seconds after installation using the data stored on the RFID chip built into the cover and does not require a battery as it is supplied with energy when connected to a powered bus.

Aquareader Display

Aquareader® is available with three connection options: two connector types for BKW and Volga, plus one version which allows connection of a cable (enables IP68).

Panono - Hand

Throwable Ball Camera – PANONO

Customer: PANONO GmbH

Capture more than just a picture with the Panono Camera and discover a whole new experience. Throw your Panono up in the air… what it brings back down will absolutely amaze you. An accelerometer inside the camera measures the launch acceleration to calculate when the camera is at its highest point. At this point, 36 cameras are triggered simultaneously and the moment is captured – everything in every direction – into a high resolution, omni-directional, completely spherical panoramic image.

Panono - System Overview

Our Contribution

Design and development services as well as comprehensive support from concept to market introduction, including:

  • design study & system analysis
  • hardware design & development
  • design & development of micro-controller software
  • design & development of embedded Linux software
  • prototype development
  • industrialisation
Panono - Evolution