Design and Development

We provide electronic design and development services covering all steps of a project, starting from the development of an idea to delivery of a complete product. This allows us to deliver a fully qualified device or system, designed exactly in accordance with your requirements… quasi ‘off-the-shelf’. Each of the individual design steps is also available as a stand-alone service.

Concept and System Specification

We create concepts for upcoming customer projects, developing and comparing alternative solutions an important source of information which contributes significantly to subsequent decision making and implementation by enhancing the amount and quality of information available. We also create, based on your requirements and, if available, the results and success factors identified in previous concept studies, a detailed system specification which fully describes the solution to the problem(s) that need to be resolved.

Hardware Development

Hardware Development

We perform all the tasks required for the development of hardware, ranging from analogue and high-frequency (GHz) circuits to digital technology, including today’s microprocessor controlled systems. Analysing the system requirements, we create a detailed hardware specification complete with calculations, schematics, layout and the associated production documents, test specifications and test plans. In addition to the pure electronics, we also offer design and development of the associated mechanics and housings.

Software Design

Software Development

We design, implement and test software for embedded systems and technical software for PCs running MS-Windows (XP, Windows 7) or Embedded-Linux. The programming languages used are chosen based on the requirements of the project, e.g.

  • Assembler, C, C++ and C# (with company internally developed software framework for medical projects)
  • Java, Javascript, Perl, bash, LabView, M4
  • Win-API, Linux

3D-MID - Prodution Steps

Technology Selection

Determining which technology will provide the best long-term value and meet your project and business needs requires clearly defined requirements and a deep technical understanding of what is available. We have an established process to help guide you through the complex task of selecting and implementing a new technology, be it software, hardware or services.

We help you to choose the most appropriate technology for the project in relation to the initial outlay, development and production costs as well as the associated risks and benefits, taking in to consideration:

  • functional and technical requirements
  • potential for improvements
  • technology road map
  • implementation

Layout Service

Layout Service

Careful layout with respect to the system, the technology and possible manufacturing issues, is absolutely essential for successful production as well as being one of the central processes for successful miniaturisation, regardless which type of build-up technology is chosen. Art of Technology uses carefully selected, state-of-the-art layout tools with standard interfaces for the design process as well as the production chain, which combined with our integrated reviews ensures the highest layout quality.

Component Selection

Component Selection

The diverse requirements of projects and the various capabilities of individual manufacturers make the choice of components a critical factor to the success of any project. As such, extremely careful selection of components is an absolute must, as this influences the entire product design and life expectancy in terms of reliability, manufacturability, availability and performance.

Prototype Production

Prototype Production

The choice of manufacturer depends upon the technology involved, the volumes and quality level required, location, complexity, stocking and schedule requirements of the project…not to mention any special preferences or wishes you, the customer, may have. More often than not, a very close co-operation of various manufacturers or service providers is required, in order to satisfy the variety of project requirements. We organise and support the entire production process, starting from the initial selection of manufacturing services, from our external network of highly qualified manufacturers, up to and including ongoing volume deliveries.



from prototype to volume production

We assume responsibility for organising the production of prototypes using (wherever possible) the same manufacturer for the volume production to reduce learning curves, build confidence and quality levels, allowing feedback from the prototype manufacturer, any enhancements or cost reduction opportunities (identified during testing) to be incorporated into a re-design of the device during the industrialisation process to achieve the “best-fit” for mass production. Together with our network of mechanical engineers, designers and manufacturers we can provide single piece, small, medium and large volume solutions. In summary, we manage the entire volume production and delivery of the devices (or assemblies) directly to you, in accordance with your requirements.

Key Elements of our industrialisation process

  • design for manufacturing (consideration of design guidelines for pcb assembly)
  • production concept (means of production, production processes, sequence optimisation)
  • process qualification (process FMEA, risk management)
  • design for cost (registration, component & supplier selection)
  • design for test (consideration of design guidelines for testing and test concept)
  • design for quality (process validation, product qualification)
  • pilot series production (traceability, normative requirements, document management)

Test and Qualification

We provide (on request) comprehensive test systems, establish test procedures and test plans, designing and developing project specific test equipment including hardware and software which helps to ensure complete documentation and consistent traceability for individual manufacturing locations, as well as across multiple manufacturing sites.

We can also

  • programme automated test stations in C++, or NI-LabWindowsTM
  • prepare data processing and storage in MS Access / MySQL
  • control off-the-shelf PC measurement cards
  • provide external installation and training on request