Tailored Solutions

Where a project may be limited due to budget, timescale or volumes required, we can offer quick and effective solutions based on already existing semi-custom devices. Readily available modules or building blocks which reflect very closely your requirements and normally require only slight modification to satisfy your needs. Currently available are GPS data-logging and tracking modules and our Solderable Memory Module (SMM) which can be used to replace standard memory cards in harsh or extreme environments.

  • GPS Data Logger (OEM)

GPS Data Logger (OEM)

Art of Technology AG (internal project)

Use of standalone products in the form of car navigation systems, portable navigation devices and smart phones have established themselves as part of our daily routine, with new applications driving the demand for custom devices. Often, however, low volumes and relatively high costs associated with the development of a complete GPS system can be cost prohibitive, especially bearing in mind the very wide number of applications and customer requirements.

Using our extensive knowledge & experience of GPS systems, we have developed the GPS Data-Logger (OEM) as a standard module; a building block that can be used as the basis for GPS data logging applications with an adaptable base system, extension interfaces, a single board design, customisable enclosure technology, an extendible software framework and sophisticated power management. A single platform enabling simple customisation for numerous GPS data logging applications that can be used for evaluation purposes and to verify adaptations that may be required for the final customer product, using either identical hardware, or the existing design with minor changes. This approach allows the implementation of customer specific solutions… at an attractive and affordable price.

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Low cost customer specific applications

This module can be modified for a fraction of the cost of a full system development to satisfy the majority of requirements using different power sources, sensors, actuators, communication interfaces, or even as a display as part of a semi custom solution. To obtain a quotation for your semi-custom GPS-Data-Logger, please complete the following Enquiry Form.

  • Solderable Memory Module

Solderable Memory Module «SMM»

Art of Technology AG (internal project)

An elegant solution for industrial and medical applications providing a compact memory module with an electrical SD / MMC interface which is soldered directly onto a printed circuit board. With a size of 24 x 20 mm and a pitch of only 1.27 mm, it is significantly smaller than a standard SD / MMC card, has less demands on board design and can be used wherever space considerations are critical. Moreover, with a controlled Bill of Material (BOM) problems resulting from hardware and firmware changes to the NAND Flash controller are now a thing of the past.

Customised functions such as password protection, emergency deletion can also be realised. With it’s small form factor the SMM is the ideal choice for embedded systems in extremely demanding applications and environments.